Welcome to Our Farm Miniatures!  We are a family run small breeding and show farm.  In 2007, we made the decision to change our breeding  program from pleasure Tennessee Walking horses and joined the Miniature Horse World!  Our Farm is located in south central Kentucky and is owned by Tom and Gina Hinebaugh, with the help of our children Rainy and A.J.  Contact us at ourfarm@duo-county.com

FOR THOSE INTERESTED IN OUR TRIPLE REGISTERED FOALS-We currently have two fillies and one colt, we are waiting on one more triple foal to decide which filly we are keeping. For sure one will be available. Also the colt is available, I want to get him clipped and a video before officially offering him. Inquire if interested before then. Once we decide for sure what filly will be offered and get better photos, video, etc. we will contact those on the waiting list before listing them for sale publically.

UPDATE! 5/3/15-New colt added to the foal page!  Still have five miniatures available, see the mini mares 1 and 2 pages! We have decided we are going to focus on our Shetlands, all Miniatures are available (except my husband's favorite pet mare LOL) See the Miniature mare pages 1 and 2.  We will also add foals to the foal page as they are born.

4/10/2015-Our first two foals have arrived!  See them on the 2015 foals page.  If you would like to be added to the waiting list, email me, those on the waiting list will be notified before they are offered publicly!  We have added pedigrees for our Shetlands to the website, we will slowly be adding to and updating the website so check back!   We are very excited about our 2015 crosses, expected from mid March through May. We have added our crosses for 2015 to the bottom of the foals page, we will be expecting triple registered ASPC/AMHA/AMHR foals, a couple Shetland blends, and some foals from our overo stallion, we are really excited about our 2015 foal crop!  We are participating in the KBIF again in 2014, so 2015 foals will be KBIF nominated.

 PLEASE NOTE-the vast majority of pictures on this site are taken by us, at our farm. They are not photoshopped in any way, only cropped for size, and color adjusted if necessary to show the true color of the horse. What you see in the pictures is what will show up at your doorstep if you buy from us! 




About Our Farm! In 2007,  we changed our breeding program from Tennessee Walkers to Miniature Horses.  It was hard to let our Walkers go, but we felt our time, space, and interests are better suited by Miniature Horses. We have been very pleased with our Miniature horses, and only wish we had gotten Miniatures sooner!  For anyone not familiar with Miniature horses, we have found them to be generally easier going, friendlier, and less spooky than big horses.  They are just a real pleasure to be around.   

For 2014, we are expecting foals by our  overo stallion Kickapoo Moons Full Monty, and cremello stallion Little Kings Beetle Buckeroo.  Keep checking our website for updates!

Having learned alot while breeding the Tennessee Walkers, we felt it was important to have goals in mind while choosing breeding stock in our Miniatures. We had these goals in mind for the Minis: first of all, temperment! Our children enjoy helping with the horses, so no nasty temperments will be tolerated! Next we wanted good correct conformation, with no bite or leg problems sometimes seen in Minis.  Our size goal is the 30" to 32" range, we were a bit afraid of getting mares smaller than that for fear of foaling issues, but we are trying to be sure our future foals will stay under 34" so they wont go over the AMHA height limit.   As far as pedigree, we know its not the most important, but we do have several nice bloodlines in our herd, including Orion Light Vant Huttenest,  First Knights Billy Idol, Gold Melody Boy,   Rowdy,  Lazy Ns Boogerman, and Buckeroo just to name a few. And last but not least, we love color! 

Besides our horses, our interests include homeschooling, improving our farm, and our other animals- dogs and cats. 


     We hope you enjoy your visit to the site, please come back often as I will be adding much more pictures and info as we add more miniatures to the herd!  

                                          Contact us at ourfarm@duo-county.com